National Science Day Events By IUCAA Scientific Public Outreach

On 28th Feb each year, the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) as part of its Scientific Public Outreach Programme organizes an Open Day to celebrate the National Science Day. Various activities like sky watching, video screenings, Q&A, talks, etc. are organized throughout the day.

Such events that take science to the masses and promote a scientific temperament are of great importance in India, especially for impressionable school kids who very rarely get exposure to good science content that’s also great fun.

Aryabhata, mathematician and astronomer in Anc...
Statue Of Aryabhata, mathematician and astronomer in Ancient India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (At IUCAA)

IUCAA has a wonderful facility located within the verdant surroundings of the University Of Pune. (Map).

The schedule for tomorrow (10:00 am to 5:00 pm) is as follows.
( Programmes are subject to change & if not timed, will repeat at regular intervals )

Aryabhatta & Kund
The Foucault Pendulum, Statues of four Great Scientists and Newton’s Apple Tree.

Bhaskara 1
WorldWide Telescope Demonstration & Virtual Astro-Tours (duration 20 min each)

Bhaskara 2 & Outside
Spectroscopy Demonstration (duration 20 min each)
Radio Astronomy Experiments Demonstration.

Bhaskara 3 lobby, Neem Tree, Sky Dome and Bramhagupta area
Posters Presentation: Overview of Astronomy & Astrophysics and Research at IUCAA

Bhaskara 3
Talks by Astrophysicists (duration 30 min each)
10:15 am Sibasish Laha – “The Mysteries of Black Holes”
11:00 am Vikram Khaire – “विश्वाचा इतिहास”
11:45 am Luke Chamandy – “Discovering Planets Outside our Solar System”
12:30 pm Srividya Subramanian – “The Sun-Earth connection”
1:30 pm Sudhanshu Barway – “Virtual Observatory – ब्रह्मांड आपके कांप्यटुर पर”

Outside Varahamihira
Science exhibits from Göttingen University, IUCAA Scale Model and Roche lobes.

Chandrasekhar Auditorium
10:15 am to 1:45 pm Astronomy Videos (duration 30 min each)
3:00 pm “Ask a Scientist”: Q&A with J.V. Narlikar & Ajit Kembhavi
6:00 pm Public Lecture: “Nobel Prize in Physics – 2012” (Umakant Rapol, IISER)
7:15 pm Special Lecture: Ajit Kembhavi– “Great Optical Telescopes”

Science Park
Science Toys Demonstrations (duration 20 min each)
Mars Missions Exhibition & Telescope Information stalls.
Various Scientific playground models explained by volunteers.

7:30 pm to 10:30 pm Sky Watching. Passes for this event will be available from 24th Feb, 9 am in the morning, at the IUCAA security counter. Please collect them directly as there are no reservations. At most TWO passes will be given to each collecting person.

For more information on this free public event, call 25604601/2/3/4

src: IUCAA SciPop

The Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) is an autonomous institution set up by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to promote the nucleation and growth of active groups in astronomy and astrophysics at Indian universities. IUCAA aims to be a centre of excellence within the university sector for teaching, research and development in astronomy and astrophysics.


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