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The Pune Corporation recently made the Draft Development Plan for Old Pune Municipal Corporation limit (2007-2027) available on their website punecorporation.org. This DP will have major implications for Pune over the next 15 years. So the Development Plan is definitely a document that all Punekars should take a look at. Check out which are the reservations in your area, what are the Metro projections…

Considering PMC’s track record and the slow PuneCorporation.org website, below are the same files as available on PMC but hosted on Google Drive. Browsing and downloading the files should be much easier and faster.

I have also added objections and info files that were made public by various nonprofits like Parisar, SPTM, DGPS, etc.

You can directly import all files to your Google Drive using the ‘Add to Drive’ button. (To ‘Add to Drive’ you need to login to your Gmail account before you click the link)

The current development plan is a draft document and citizens are supposed to lodge suggestions and objections within 30 days (which should mean 27th April 2013). Unfortunately the PMC website provides no definite date or information about how citizens are supposed to lodge suggestions/objections.

** PMC has a dismal record at processing emails or any kind of online / e-complaints. So if you are serious about your suggestion/objection, do NOT rely on email. Submit it at the PMC main office or at least at your local ward office. Ensure that you get a signed acknowledgement.

** Please add comments in case you have any additional information on the DP process.

Pune DP – Discussion on the impact & implications

Sajag Nagrik Manch had organized a discussion on the impact & implications of the new Development Plan on 7th April 2013 at IMDR Auditorium located on BMCC Road, Pune-4. Speakers: Town Planner Mr. Gohad,  Town Planner Anagha Paranjape, Activists Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, Maj. Gen. Jathar,  Vivek Velankar, Jugal Rathi and Tanmay Kanitkar. Below are the key points made by the various speakers at the meet. * Thank you Sushma Date for sharing this summary of the meet.

The PMC has finally released the proposed Development Plan (DP) for Pune 2007 – 2027
It is a shoddy piece of work which needs to be opposed by each and every concerned citizen of Pune.

Activists, Town Planning Experts and common citizens who have read the plan are unanimous in their opinion that this plan has been drafted by builders and contractors for the benefit of builders and contractors. It is in fact a joke on Punekars – albeit a cruel one.  Some of the more glaring flaws and omissions are –

  1. It has misleading demographic figures (the figure for existing population in the DP is far below that quoted in the Census – this is bound to skew the projected population estimates and will make projected planning efforts meaningless)
  2. It has expensive transport projects like the BRTS, Metro, and HCMRT not to mention 30 flyovers and 13 subways without explaining where exactly the funding for these will come from.
  3. The BRTS and the HCMRT projects are so poorly planned that some details about their alignment and stops make no sense whatsoever.
  4. The DP violates all the guidelines laid down by the MoE in 2012 regarding Water Bodies
  5. Pune draws 1600 MLD of water and generates 800 MLD of sewage. The agreement with the Irrigation Dept. was that Pune would treat the sewage and release the treated water into the canals for agricultural purposes. This DP has no mention of treatment of sewage and reuse of water – surely an essential issue given the current water crisis in the city.
  6. Water Bodies have been shown as narrower than they currently are, the alignments of nallahs and canals have been changed, the reservation for Hill Tops and Hill Slopes has been reduced (from the 1987 figure of 8.38% to the current DP figure of 5.7%)
  7. 500 m on both sides of the Metro Corridor have been declared a “metro influence zone” and this has been granted 4 FSI. Since the total Metro Corridor is 72 km long, this means 1 sq km along its length will be surrounded by 15 – 20 storied buildings. Almost one third of the total area of Pune will have high rise complexes. This will mean the end of Pune as we know it. There is NO mention of how basic civic amenities like water and electricity (resources which have been stretched to their limits already) will be make available to these suddenly dense areas.
  8. Certain open spaces which have already been developed as playgrounds by schools and registered trusts will be ‘acquired’ by the PMC to  create….hold your breath….. “Recreational Playgrounds”! This means that open spaces already serving as good playgrounds for children will be , acquired by the PMC and handed over to developers to create goodness knows what!
  9. There is no mention of a Hawker Zone Policy. Considering the rapid increase in the number of illegal tapris, handcarts and stalls all over Pune, despite frequent ‘katvais, this should be one of the essential issues detailed in a Development Plan.

This DP was supposed to have been prepared in 2007 ….it is finally available five and a half years late… but we, the taxpayers who have to fund these projects, have been given only 30 days ( effectively only 20 days) to file objections and suggestions.

What you need to do:

  1. Petition the PMC to extend the time for filing objections. Sms to the Municipal Commissioner 9323787007. Mail the Municipal Commissioner at pmcmco@gmail.com
  2. File objections to the general problematic points in the DP ( Sajag Nagrik Manch is circulating a letter about this . Marathi and English versions attached. Please collect as many signatures as you can and contact Vivek Velankar at 98500 63480 for deposition of forms)
  3. Study the section of the DP which pertains to your specific locality and write letters of objections to the PMC if you think something unnecessary or unwanted is being planned in your neighbourhood. These should be submitted at the Town Planning Office in Sahakarnagar or at the PMC building.


  1. Pune DP – Objections Letter (Marathi and English)
  2. Pune DP Report , Files & Images
  3. Development Plan for Pune 2007-2027 – A 6 Point Agenda for Modifications
  4. Vijay Kumbhar’s Draft for Suggestion and objections to the DP
  5. Pune Shaharacha Sudharit Vikas Arakhada (Janwani)
  6. ‘डीपी’तील तरतुदी अगम्य
  7. Online Petition- Suggestion and Objections to the revised Draft Pune DP
  8. Parisar – DDP for Pune – Un-sustainable Transport
  9. Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM) Letter Of Objections

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