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Pune Development Plan – Download, Actions & Discussions

English: PMC Motto
English: Pune Corporation Building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pune Corporation recently made the Draft Development Plan for Old Pune Municipal Corporation limit (2007-2027) available on their website punecorporation.org. This DP will have major implications for Pune over the next 15 years. So the Development Plan is definitely a document that all Punekars should take a look at. Check out which are the reservations in your area, what are the Metro projections…

Considering PMC’s track record and the slow PuneCorporation.org website, below are the same files as available on PMC but hosted on Google Drive. Browsing and downloading the files should be much easier and faster.

I have also added objections and info files that were made public by various nonprofits like Parisar, SPTM, DGPS, etc.

You can directly import all files to your Google Drive using the ‘Add to Drive’ button. (To ‘Add to Drive’ you need to login to your Gmail account before you click the link) Continue reading Pune Development Plan – Download, Actions & Discussions