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Fun Free Maths For The Masses

Prajakta Mahajan (TheFreeMath.org)
Prajakta Mahajan (TheFreeMath.org)

In this interview we talk to Prajakta Mahajan, who after a distinguished IT career has now taken up the cause of taking mathematics to the masses in a simple, child-friendly format.

She is the creator of TheFreeMath.org and 140+ Maths videos on Youtube, which have been watched by thousands from over 100 countries. Continue reading Fun Free Maths For The Masses

Dr. Abhay Bang’s Talk On Schools & Education in Maharashtra

Release Of 3rd edition of “माझी काटेमुंढरीची शाळा”

Dr. Abhay Bang delivered this talk in Pune on the 12th of Jan, on the occasion of the release of the 3rd edition of the book “माझी काटेमुंढरीची शाळा“ . The book has been authored by a teacher who devoted his life to teaching the tribals in the remote Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

In his talk, Dr. Bang touched on Gadchiroli’s alienation from Maharashtra. He touched on the merits & flaws of our education system and highlighted its lack of utility & irrelevance to tribals & village folk. He said that India has the distinction of having the world’s largest number of “educated illiterate”. He said that our our education system has failed to provide the lakhs of semi skilled people that India needs. What’s the difference if you are 5th standard failed, 8th standard failed or 10th failed.. if you are not employable anyway. Continue reading Dr. Abhay Bang’s Talk On Schools & Education in Maharashtra