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Narendra Dabholkar : Science – Courage – Ethics and a tireless march for reform

DabholkarI have been volunteering for Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (Maharashtra Committee for Eradication of Blind Faith), usually referred to as Anis, for over 3 years and was fortunate to be closely associated with Dr Dabholkar over that period. I write this in great shock, disbelief and sorrow.

For over two decades, Dr. Dabholkar fought against rampant superstitions in our society and for the cause of rationalism and humanism. While radicals and those with vested interests regularly tried to malign him and project him as someone opposed to religion, that was never the case. Continue reading Narendra Dabholkar : Science – Courage – Ethics and a tireless march for reform

Agarkar Award For Sayyad Bhai of Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal

Sayyad Bhai was bestowed the Sudharakkar Gopal Ganesh Agarkar award 2012 at the hands of actor & rationalist Shriram Lagu on 29th July 2012. This annual award is given by the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANiS) .

Sayyad Bhai founded the Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal in 1970 with the support of Hamid Dalwai and has been ceaselessly working for women’s rights and reform in Muslim society for the past 50 years. Sayyad Bhai, Pushpa Bhave and Narendra Dabholkar spoke at the award ceremony.

*Sudhar highly recommends the talks below. Sayyad Bhai narrates his journey and highlights the plight of women (especially Muslim) and their struggle for their rights. Pushpa Bhave takes on beliefs and dives into history to examine Phule, Agarkar & Tilak. Dr. Dabholkar also examines reform & reformers since the 1800s and then connects it with the present, the need for a scientific temperament and a critical examination of all beliefs including religious. Continue reading Agarkar Award For Sayyad Bhai of Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal

Girish Kulkarni on Deool, Faith & Religion

At the National Film Awards in March, the Marathi movie Deool won the Best Film award while Girish Kulkarni, the writer and the lead actor of the movie won the Best Actor award. Deool is not only a wonderful entertainer but it also touches on socially relevant topics like blind faith and the commercialization of faith & religion in India.

The Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti had organized a discussion on Deool, Faith & Blind Faith where Girish Kulkarni spoke at length on the topic. Girish talked about why he took up the subject, what faith & religion means to him and why he believes our society needs to align religion with science and reform religion as per the times. Continue reading Girish Kulkarni on Deool, Faith & Religion

Muslim Society: Current State & Progress – Muslim SatyaShodhak Mandal

Muslim SatyaShodhak Mandal has organized a discussion on “Muslim Society: Current State & Progress” at the S M Joshi Hall, Navi Peth at 10:30am on 1st April 2012. Speakers at the event: Bhai Vaidya, Rubina Patel, Ram Punyani, Suresh Khopde

Muslim SatyaShodhak Mandal is an organization founded by the late reformer Hamid Dalwai and one of the few progressive Muslim organizations in India. If interested in the Muslim reform movement, Sayyad Bhai’s book “दगडावरची पेरणी” is a must read. Sayyad Bhai has been one of the key people driving Muslim SatysShodhak Mandal after Hamid Dalwai passed away in 1977.